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NFL – 1985 All Pro Team – QB Dan Marino & Special Teams


When I consider the two greatest quarterbacks in Miami Dolphin franchise history….Bob Griese and Dan Marino…I have to say my pick as the best of the two would be Dan Marino…..but that’s partly cuz he was so good looking…..for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile wouldn’t mind finding his cleats under my bed in the morning….but also due to the “eye-test”…..bigger, stronger arm, “speedy gonzales” quick release of the football and pinpoint accuracy seems to make Marino the obvious choice…..but when you compare their career stats….the “eye test” may not provide a clear enough picture as follow:                                                                                                      

BOB GREISE – 2 x AFL All Star / 6 x NFL Pro Bowl / 2 x First Team NFL All Pro / 1 x Sammy Baugh Trophy / 2 x NFL MVP  / 1 x Walter Camp Man of the Year / 2 × Super Bowl Champion / College Football Hall of Fame / Pro Football Hall of Fame  Career Passing Yards  25,092 / Career TDs – INTs  102 – 172  / Career QB Rating   77.1                                                                                                                                                                                         DAN MARINO – 9 x NFL Pro Bowl / 3 x First Team NFL All Pro / 1 x NFL MVP  / 1 x Walter Payton Man of the Year / 1 x NFL Rookie of the Year / 1 x NFL season passing touchdown leader / 5 × NFL passing yards leader / 2 × AFC Player of the Year / 3 × NFL passing TDs leader  College Football Hall of Fame / Pro Football Hall of Fame / Career Passing Yards  61,361 / Career TDs – INTs   420 – 252 / Career QB Rating  86.4  

So, considering the careers of the two best Miami Dolphins quarterbacks to ever take the field becomes an exercise in splitting hairs…..as Dan Marino has far-and-away better passing statistics over his 13 year career….and Griese has two Super Bowl victories to Marino’s none to his career….so it really becomes a matter of which QB each individual sports fan considers is best based on incredible passing statistics verses super bowl victories.

For this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile, I am typically a sports fan who believes that world championships carry more weight than incredible statistics and athletic artistry…..for example…..to me, Bill Russell with 11 rings is the greatest NBA player ever…..while most fans think Michael Jordan with 6 rings was…..but in the case of Griese vs Marino….I choose the one whose cleats that I would like to find under my bed tomorrow morning.

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