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NFL – 1985 Monday Night Match-Up – Cowboys VS Redskins – Part 1


No matter where you look in the universe and history of American sports competition…..there is no greater rivalry than the Dallas Cowboys vs the Washington Redskins…..not the Lakers vs Celtics in the NBA…..not the Yankees vs Red Sox in MLB…..not the Longhorns vs Sooners in NCAA football…..not the Tar Heels vs Blue Devils in NCAA basketball…..or whatever the long standing rivalry in sports might be…for when it comes to these rivalries…..these teams and their fans simply don’t like each other.

Even when you consider American history…..it has always been the cowboys verses the indians….and the NFL version is simply no different…..I mean, what red-blooded American boy hasnt grown up wearing a pair of western six-shooters strapped to their side….and gone outside to play cowboys verses the indians….cuz this kids-play rivalry is as American as baseball, apple pie and Chevy…..so, the NFL version of this longtime rivalry was simply a natural extension of American history.

And the simple fact remains that in the NFL’s  version of the historic American rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins is more intense than any other throughout history….cuz Cowboy fans hate the Redskins….and Redskins fans hate the Cowboys….regardless of the year or the calibre of the team….which makes for game worth watching….and this preview of the 1985 Monday Night Match-Up on ESPN is a prelude to the battle that was going to be fought that night.



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