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NFL – 1985 – NBC Halftime Show With Bob Costas – AFC Divisional Playoffs – Raiders Vs Patriots


After processing over 1800 videos to post on our site here at ImaSportsphile….I realize that I like dang near every halftime show ever produced by the networks that brought live NFL football to the viewing public back in the day.  It was really enjoyable and worth watching….with interesting interviews, player profiles, heartwarming stories, educated observations and more. 

This NBC halftime gives a good reason why Bob Costas is a broadcasting legend still working in 2017….who was at the sports desk during this halftime with the always quirky, but very knowledgeable Pete Axthelm talking all things NFL Playoffs….which is followed by broadcasting icon, Ahmad Rashad….who is also still working in 2017….as Rashad goes over the key plays in the 1st half of play…..and video finishes up with Bill Macattee interviewing Bears LB Mike Singletary….after the Bears had shutout the New York Giants in the other game of the day.     



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