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NFL – 1985 Opening – Monday Night Football – Frank Gifford & O J SImpson & Joe Namath


I wanted to show this video as an example of how the opening to Monday Night Football has progressed…..I mean, what the effect of technology and computer generated material has done to the opening of any major televised event…..especially one as popular as MNF….and this video provides evidence of just how far sports marketing and telecasts have progressed in the 30+ years since this broadcast.  Also, this was at time when ABC was experimenting with the broadcast teams…..trying to find a replacement crew that match the level of popularity that Frank Gifford, Don Meredith and Howard Cosell brought to Monday Night Footbal …..shoot, I can almost hear Howard Cosell when he says ‘Welcome to Monday Night Football”….with that ever so distinguishable voice and reflection….for the MNF crews have always been a hugely important part of ABC’s programming.  This particular crew with Frank Gifford, O J Simpson and Joe Namath……definitely was the greatest football talent that was ever assembled and put on the mike for a major telecast…..all three NFL Hall of Fame players…..but as a commentator and analyst team…..they fell several rungs on the ladder short of being “top shelf stuff”….like they were on the football field.

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