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NFL – 1985 – Special – NBC At The Half – AFC Divisional Playoffs – Raiders Vs Pats – Highlights


This NBC halftime special for the 1985 AFC Divisional Playoff game be the New England Patriots verses the Los Angeles Raiders brings together some of the legends of sports broadcasters who grew up with NBC Sports….including Bob Costas and Pete Axthelm at the NFL ’85 news desk….as they break down the 1st half of action between the Raiders and Pats….along with Ahmad Rashad showcasing the highlights from the 1st half…..which is followed by an introspective interview with Chicago Bears LB Mike Singletary……as the program finishes off with Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen….the men behind the mike for play-by-play action and color commentary….as they voice their opinions of what to look for in the 2nd half.   

Any time that a sports fan….who thinks that they might be a Sportsphile too….has an opportunity to watch two a halftime show of a game between two storied franchises like the Patriots and Raiders….as presented by a star-studded cast of legendary sportscasters like Costas, Enberg and Olsen….it becomes MUST SEE TV….as this video obviously is….so, ENJOY!!!

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