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NFL – 1986 – NBC Sports Special – Super Bowl XX Animated Intermission At The Concession Stand


Any folks that were around back in the 1950’s. 1960’s and 1970’s….probably saw a movie at one time or another at a Drive-In Theaters in America…..for this was the place that a young fella liked to take his favorite gal to watch a cinema on the really big screen….where you sat in your car under the stars at night that were big and bright (especially in Texas) in the outdoor theater.  Because of the configuration of the Drive-In Theaters…..where hundreds of cars would be parked in semi-circle rows that stretched a couple of city blocks long…..and in the middle of these huge parking lots at the Drive-In Theater would be a concession stand …..which in West Texas was a cinder-block building 20 feet wide by 40 feet long which housed the Concession Stand. 

In order to serve their Drive-In Theater clients better…..each and every nightly movie program would have an intermission….so that the movie goers could have enough time to go to the Concession Stand to get “some goodies” to be enjoyed while watching the feature presentation of the night.  This intermission would be initiated by a animated commercial about what was available currently during Intermission at the Concession Stand….and NBC Sports showcased a commercial intermission of Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots that was a “twin-like replica” of those seen at the Drive-In Theaters all those years ago….as seen in this video herewith.

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