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NFL – 1986 NFC Wild Card – Washington Redskins vs Los Angeles Rams – 1st Half


This 1986 NFL NFC Wild Card Playoff game features Brent Musberger, Jimmy ‘The Greek” Snyder and Irv Cross in studio for CBS…..with the legendary game commentator crew of Pat Summerall and John Madden bringing the “play by play” coverage of the game….and any time you get to hear these two bring an NFL game is a true joy for any NFL fan.

This game also features two of the all-time greatest football coaches with the Rams Johnny Robinson and the Redskins Joe Gibbs…..along with one of the greatest college and NFL running backs of all-time in the Rams Eric Dickerson…..a runner that Bone Daddy saw as a high school senior at Sealy High School put his team on his shoulders and lead them to the Texas 4 – A championship in Austin, Texas…..prior to him joining RB Craig James  at SMU University to make up one of the most prolific backfields in the history of college football….known as The Pony Express.

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