NFL – 1987 – Strohs Circle Of Sports – Through The Cameras Eye Featuring Top NFL Photographers


Peter Read Miller has been photographing athletes, events, and the sporting life for more than 35 years…. who as a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated for more than 30 years.., has shot more than 100 SI covers….has covered 9 Olympic games….36 Super Bowls….14 NBA finals….as well as Stanley Cup finals… the World Series….the Kentucky Derby….the NCAA Basketball Final Four….and the World Cup soccer finals. 

Man, this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile is going to make him an honorary Sportsphile…..cuz that is what Peter Read Miller is….he is undeniably a Sportsphile….as we will be coming out with our ImaSportsphile certifications in 2019….which will be designated by our official ImaSportsphile t-shirt….and I am gonna get one in the mail to Mr. Miller….cus oh how we envy the life that he has lived…..being one who knows how to capture the true artistry of sports….THANK YOU PETER READ!! 

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