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NFL – 1988 – CBS Sports Special – All Madden Team Coach + Future Prospects With Pat Summerall + John Madden


The broadcast team of Pat Summerall and John Madden were easily the best to ever grace an NFL broadcast booth….not to mention the best to ever do the All Madden Teams telecasts…..or best football video games ever….or best narrator of NFL Great Teams Great Years telecasts…. at least in this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….cuz there is something about those two together that reminds me of other great tandems like Abbott & Costello or Bert & Ernie or Siskel & Egbert or Mantle & Maris….et al ….and we are so fortunate at ImaSportsphile to have so much of Summerall and Madden video footage in our library. 

There was something about Pat Summerall and John Madden that just tickled my fancy…..cuz they always made me not only pay attention…..but laugh throughout the program….and none in the library speaks more to their combined genius than this video herewith…..and as always, you just have to smile.

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