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NFL – 1988 – NFC Championship – Minnesota Vikings VS Washington Redskins – 2nd Quarter


We are asked all the time….Where are the other 3 Qtrs….and our reply is COMING….for as of November 2017 we at ImaSportsphile have posted nearly 1800 vintage videos of this site….and have answered COMING on numerous occasions….so I thought we’d talk about the actual process of posting the 2nd Qtr of this Vikings vs Redskins Playoff game.

So, long story hopefully short….we received the roughly 2300 hours of vintage video as many many boxes of sony betamax video cassettes…..which we are still in process of transferring from video cassette to digital…..done by the same theory of all great coaches who understand the “next man up” reality….and we do the same….you know, next video up.  We actually have no idea what is on the next video up until we begin to scan the video and identify the events and participants of each video. 

It is at this point that our viewers understand that “we were not even a gleam in our daddy’s eye” when this awesome library…..cuz folks, there are already so many treasures in our site’s treasure chest…..so, we weren’t around back in the day…..so, we can’t explain how or why or what regarding what is on each tape….but we can honestly say this…..it is still just as exciting today as it was 2 years ago when we started posting to find out what is on the next video up.   

So, if you ever feel like asking….now you will know that we don’t know when the rest of this game will show up…..but we are betting that if the 2nd Qtr is in the library….so are 1,3 and 4.  An extra cherry on top to this game is that Pat Summerall and John Madden are bringing the action. Enjoy!!

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