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NFL – 1957 To 2020 – Cleveland Browns RB Jim Brown Videos

When it comes to superheroes on the gridiron who accomplish even more after their playing careers….. Cleveland Browns RB Jim Brown shares the top of the heap with very few others…..for Jim Brown is every bit as relevant today in 2020 as he was in 1965…..after setting the NFL career rushing records in  career carries with 2,359 times for 12,312 rushing yards and 106 touchdowns….which were all records when he retired at age 29.  He averaged 104.3 rushing yards per game….and is the only player in NFL history to average over 100 rushing yards per game for his career…..but after he retired, he became a successful Hollywood actor and an important activist for the African American community….to which this video below provides evidence of his stature today…..while the rest of these awesome videos simply substantiate his NFL superhero status…..for Jim Brown was and is awesome to us here at ImaSportsphile.                                                                                                                                                           

NFL – 2016 – Special – Interview With HOF Jim Brown Regarding Colin Kaepernick Taking A Knee With The National Anthem

News & NFL – 2020 – Special – Fox News Brian Kilmeade Interviews HOF Jim Brown On We Should Never Denigrate Our Flag As He Doubles Down on Anthem Stance And Trump Support

NFL – 1957 To 1965 – Special – Career Highlights Of Cleveland Brown RB Jim Brown


NFL – 1957 To 1965 – NFL Films – Jim Brown: A Football Life – The Legacy Begins


NFL – 1957 To 1965 – NFL Newtwork Special – Jim Brown: 80 Years And Running With Eric Dickerson + Franco Harris + Marcus Allen + Marshall Faulk


NFL – 1989 – Special – Jim Brown: What The Hall Of Fame Members Who Played Against Him Had To Say About Him – With Chuck Bednarik + Deacon Jones + Johnny Sample + Sam Huff


News & NFL – 2019 – Fox And Friends Special With Brian Kilmeade’s Interview With NFL Hall Of Fame Activist Jim Brown


NFL – 1964 – NFL Films – NFL Championships With Browns Vs Colts In “Anatomy Of A Championship” With Chris Schenkel


NFL & Comedy – 1978 – The Dick Cavett Show With Browns Hall Of Fame RB Jim Brown On Acting + His Agressive Style Of Play


NFL – 1957 To 1965 – NFL Films – A Football Life With Cleveland Browns RB Jim Brown


NCAA Football – 1955 To 1957 – Highlights Of A Classic Tailback – Syracuse University RB Jim Brown


NFL – 1957 To 1965 – Special – The Greatest RB In Cleveland Browns History

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