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NFL – Great Players – Howie Long – Warlord Of The Raiders


Man, was this guy a HUNK or what…..I mean, long before the flattop….this dude looked like Elvis on steroids….but, gee maneee he was soooo cute…..OK, just know this…..I wouldn’t mind having the Howie Long in this video’s “shoes under my bed in the morning”….cuz this lil ole Chiweenie has had a crush on Howie for a long time…..as even still today in 2016….on Sunday morning at 11am central time….Bone Daddy and I are watching Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy…..and Howie still has that charm that just melts a hot lil gal like me…..and anyway….Howie Long was the “Warlord of the Raiders”…..and the boys in silver and black had a bunch of brutal attackers being motivated by a driven warlord. 

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