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NFL – Great Teams Great Years – 1976 Oakland Raiders – Part 2


This second part of the NFL Films production of Great Teams Great Years – The 1976 Oakland Raiders starts with the division playoffs against the New England Patriots….then carries the viewer through the AFC Championship game with the Pittsburgh Steelers…..and culminates with the winning of Super Bowl XI against the NFC Champion Minnesota Vikings…..which stands as a crowning glory to one of the greatest NFL seasons by any team in NFL history…..and brings  “nothingbut joy and smiles” to this lil ole chiweenie dog Sportsphile…..cuz The “Bad Boys” Raiders of 1976 were one of my all-time favorite teams up and down the line-up…..especially considering the team starts with Head Coach John Madden…..who later in his career became the “creme de la creme” of NFL color analysts on national TV alongside equally legendary Pat Summerall…..as a generation of ardent NFL fans were “weened and educated” on the game of professional football…..followed by the gold standard of NFL video games known as Madden NFL….which still rules the top of the heep of video sports games.

When you consider the a team that have five (5) Pro Football Hall of Famers on offense in the likes of QB Ken Stabler, TE Dave Casper, WR Fred Biletnikoff, LT Art Shell and LG Gene Upshaw…..then you throw in OLB Ted Hendricks and CB Willie Brown as future Hall of Famers on defense….to which you put the “cherry on top” in Hall of Fame punter Ray Guy…..I mean, what can you say about a team with nine (9) players and coaches who end up in the Hall but AWESOME….cuz that is what these “Bad Boys” were….which makes this video well worth the watch.

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