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NFL – Greatest QBs – Cowboys Roger Staubach & Colts Johnny Unitas


This is one of my very most enjoyable NFL Films video….cuz it covers two of my all-time favorite quarterbacks in Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts from 1956 – 1072 and Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys from 1969 to 1979.  

Johnny U was roaming the gridiron in his black high-top cleats while posing as a “missle launcher”throwing TD strikes to guys like TE John Mackey, WR Raymond Berry, RB Tom Matte and the rest of his fellow Colts…..for this was a time in which the television viewer could usually only get one NFL game of the week on Sunday…..by using a black and white TV that had “rabbit-ears antenna”….as the television during this time would have to be turned-on and tune-in my moving those rabbit ears in all directions to find the signal after getting home from church each Sunday…..for this was when were my Bone Daddy’s team of choice was the Baltimore Colts after the year 1955 when NBC became the 1st real provider of NFL games….although the NFL was televised on the DuMont Network starting in 1953….but Bone Daddy’s family TV with rabbit ears could not pick up any broadcast from this original NFL televised game network. 

Even still today in 2016, when Bone Daddy is asked who his favorite team was back in those days….and he would respond in this manner….”the Baltimore Colts…,cuz with guys like QB Johnny Unitas, RB Alan Ameche, RB Lenny Moore, RB Tom Matte, TE John Mackey, WR Ray Perkins, TE Raymond Berry, OLT  Jim Parker, DE Gino Marchetti, DT Art Donovan and DT “Big Daddy” Lipscomb….how could you not love this team!?!”

Then came the came the 1960’s and the Coach Tom Landry era with the Dallas Cowboys….along with expanded NFL coverage on TV…..which brought 28 years of consistent greatness with lots of television coverage of the inception and development of “America’s Team”…..with the emergence of players like QB Don Meredith, WR “Bullet”Bob Hayes, FB Walt Garrison, the Doomesday Defense with DT Bob Lilly, DE Larry Cole, DT Jethro Pugh, DE George Andre, LB Chuck Howley, LB Lee Roy Jordan, CB Cornell Green, CB Mel Renfro and S Herb Adderly….which was followed by Doomsday Defense II with DE Harvey Martin, DT, Larry Cole, DE Ed “Too Tall” Jones, DT Randy “The Manster” White, LB Thomas Henderson, LB D D Lewis, CB Everson Walls, S Cliff Harris and S Charlie Waters, RB Tony Dorsett, WR Drew Pearson, WR            , RB Calvin Hill, TE Mike Ditka, TE Billy Joe Dupree and QB Roger “The Dodger” Staubach…..and Bone Daddy’s loyalties to the Baltimore Colts shifted to the Dallas Cowboys with the retirement of QB Johnny Unitas….cuz that is when a “new sherriff”came to town in Dallas….as Roger Staubach led America’s Team to two Super Bowl victories in four Super Bowl appearances in his 10 year NFL career.

Simply put, from 1955 to 1979…..Johnny Unitas and Roger Staubach left a mark on the NFL that will never be forgotten…..and in the case of this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion…..these two of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game…..ranked as my favorite players of the era.

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