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NFL – Greatest QBs Ever – Dallas Cowboys Roger Staubach & Baltimore Colts Johnny Unitas


Roger the Dodger and Johnny U…..two of Bone Daddy’s all time favorite quarterbacks. BD was a big fan of Roger Staubach’s when he was at Navy…..for besides University of Texas RB Earl “The Tyler Rose” Campbell….Bone Daddy’s two all time favorite college football players were QB Roger Staubach and RB Joe Belino…..who both played for The Naval Academy….and both had won the Heisman Trophy.  It is my guess that as a kid….Bone Daddy like Navy cuz his dad…Pops….had served in the Navy during World War II….and being at the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,,,,and BD being a “baby boomer” (cuz BD’s dad came home from the war and fathered three boys over the next 5 years….guess he missed Granny a bunch!?!…..so, I think that growing up in post war years made it easy for Bone Daddy to root for Navy.  After Staubach won the Heisman….he served his active duty time and then came into the NFL….and guess what?….he became a Dallas Cowboy….and Bone Daddy has been a Cowboy fan for as long as I have known him….so it is easy to see why Roger Staubach is one of his favorite QB’s of all time

Johnny U….that’s what Bone Daddy’s family called Baltimore Colts QB Johnny Unitas…..cuz those three boys and their dad absolutely loved Johnny U…..as the Colts were their team….and they would anxiously wait for the next Sunday NFL telecast….cuz Sunday was the only day that the NFL was televised in the 1950’s.  Bone Daddy just loved the Colts white uniforms and helmets with blue stripes on their pants and jerseys….and horseshoes on their helmets….cuz Johnny U’s black high-top shoes would really stand out…..almost as much as Unitas’s # 19.  To hear BD talk…those were the days that have provided lasting memories of Bone Daddy, his brothers and his dad….just sitting around the TV on Sunday….watching Johnny U throw bombs down the field.  

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