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NFL – Greatest Rivalries – New York Giants VS Cleveland Browns


When Bone Daddy was growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s out in Midland, Texas…..where the wind comes whipping down the plains…..in a time when the NFL was being watched on black and white television….while using “rabbit-ears” antenna to gain the best reception possible….for that is when the rivalry between the New York Giants vs. the Cleveland Browns was at the height of their intense competition…..and NFL football fans all over the country were treated to one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history.

This was a time when Cleveland Coach Paul Brown roamed the sidelines……and Hall of Fame players like QB Otto Graham and RB Marion Motley in the early 50’s….who was followed by RB Jim Brown….who ruled the gridiron as the greatest running back of the decade of the 60’s….providing creative offenses for the Browns…..while the Giants featured an offensive juggernaut headed-up by QB Y A Tittle, RB Frank Gifford and WR Kyle Rote, Sr…..as these two storied teams played games of intense rivalry during the 50’s and 60’s…and provided the content for this video…..which so aptly evidences HBO’s opinion….as hosted by Barry Tompkins and Paul Macguire of HBO sports….in this walk down memory lane as one of the all-time greatest rivalries in NFL history.

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