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NFL – Highlights – 1979 This Is The NFL – Miracle At The Meadowlands


I have never been much of an Eagles fan…..cuz I like the Cowboys…..and the Eagles have been in NFC East Division forever….which makes them an arch-rival of all things Cowboys…..however, in the deep crevices of this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s mind…..lies the soul of a fan who just loves the Eagles fans….for they are amongst the toughest and most unrelenting fans of opposing players and teams…..with undying loyalty for their beloved Eagles….and I just love that…..for deep in my heart lies a huge fan of all “die-hard loyalist of their hometeam”….as many of them seem to me to be folks who just might be a Sportsphile too….and ultimately….that is the reason why I am posting 2300 hrs of vintage sports, comedy and music on this webpage…..cuz I want to identify as many Sportsphiles as I can uncover….to which I know will love my website and visit it more often.

This video showcases highlights from the 1979 season…..a year that featured the breakthrough Eagles star QB Ron Jaworski…..known by most as “Jaws”, but my favorite nickname for him was “Rifle Ron”….cut that’s what he had….a rifle arm….as he and RB Wilbert Montgomery spearheaded a potent offense in one of the greatest games in Eagles history….the seminal “Miracle at the Meadowlands”….in which the Eagles were losing to the New York Giants with seconds to play and in posession of the ball…..as the Giants fumbled the ball as they chose to handoff the ball instead of having QB Joe Pisarcik drop to a knww and down the ball and run out the clock…..cuz that is when Eagle DB Herman Edwards recovered the ball….running it back for a touchdown for a miraculous 19–17 victory…..as the game clock expired.

In this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….this video is a historic highlight of the “Miracle at the Meadowlands”  ….a play that will remain everpresent and constant in the annals of NFL history…..making this video worth the watch.

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