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NFL – Highlights – Super Bowls I Thru 7


One of the really cool things that has come as a result of posting this webpage with the contents of 2300 hrs of vintage sports, comedy and music…for as we continue the process having currently (November 2016) 370 hrs amounting to 1400 videos and 7,000 peices of sports memorabilia already posted….and when we run across a historical peice of video footage that just resonates with the term “pure history”…..as this video provides in an incredible NFL Films production of the highlights of Super Bowls 1 through 7…..with three (3) being played at Miami Orange Bowl (1968, 1969 and 1971)….with two stops respectively at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (1967 and 1973)….and at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans (1970 and 1972)…..and to think we are going on 45 years…with this year’s game being the 51st.  Man, there are millions of NFL fans that weren’t even a “gleam in their daddy’s eye” back when these first seven (7) Super Bowl games were played….and sports fans like you get it to watch whatever video out of 1400 already posted….simply by just visiting our site and spending some time looking around this awesome museum of vintage sports, comedy and music.


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