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NFL – Hilites – Super Bowl XV – Philadelphia Eagles VS Oakland Raiders – Part 1


Bone Daddy had a most memorable trip to New Orleans for Super Bowl XV…..as the decision to even go to the game wasn’t made until Friday night around midnight…..even maybe on Saturday morning….as BD received a phone call from his “sports travel buddy” the Prince of Pleasure….who was a huge Bad Boys Oakland Raiders fan…..and the Prince says….come on, let’s go see Da Raiders at the Louisiana Superdome in the Crescent City……where the food is awesome…..the fun is everywhere…..and Lucky Pierre’s place is calling.  I mean, it was midnight just 50 or so hours from game time…..they didn’t have tickets…..they didn’t have a hotel reservation…..but, it was Da Raiders in Silver and Black…..in New Orleans….and these two Sportsphiles from Austin,TX decided to pack the “No Tell Motel”….Bone Daddy’s custom van that had been built for road trips just like this one…..so I guess they did have a place to lay their heads if they could find a parking space within throwing distance of the French Quarter.

Arriving in New Orleans around 11 am…..they decided to drive through the Quarter and see if luck was on their side…..if so, a spot especially close to Lucky’s place…..that would be perfect…..as Lucky’s would serve a command central for these two Raider fans from Texas.  When they turned the corner next to Bourbon Street in the block where Lucky’s resided…..there it was….the golden parking place which sat in the bright rays of sunshine….specially illuminated for the boys to see…..and it was just around the block from command central.  By the time they stepped out of the van to embrace all that New Orleans had to offer….I think it would be safe to say that these boys were already all lathered-up to have a good time….they just didn’t know how good a time it would turn out to be.

I have written a series of seven (7) stories about Bone Daddy’s experience while en route to Super Bowl XV……which I will publish in the NFL Section after I finish posting the rest of the content of BD’s memorabilia collection and video library…..which will take awhile…..but suffice to say…..this video holds a special place in my heart….cuz Bone Daddy had such an incredible journey…..ultimately sitting on the 45 yard line in the middle of Raider Nation some 20 rows up…..but that is a whole nuther story. As Bone Daddy so succinctly says it….”The Eagles were no match for the Oakland Raiders on this particular January 25, 1981″…..as Bone Daddy and Prince of Pleasure won big on the boys in Silver & Black…..but the Raiders winning game and my boys winning money was minuscule in stature by comparison to the time and energy that filled the space between leaving Austin at 2 am on Saturday…..and returning Austin at 7 am on Monday morning…..for all the unique experiences were like well lit steps on the way to an incredible journey…..a tale truly worth telling.




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