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NFL – NFL FIlms – Hardest Hits By Hardest Hitters – Eagles Chuck Bedinarik Et Al


The NFL game was sooo different back in the day when these NFL Films productions were presented to the public….for Ed and Steve Sabol at NFL Films…wrote the book and set the gold standard for all NFL film productions to follow….even to present day 2017.

In this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion…..the catalyst for the dramatic changes from players who played for the love of the game….to players who played / play and continue to play for the MONEY…..cuz BIG MONEY has dictated every change that has passed though the veins of the NFL….since MONEY came into the picture….and the driver of BIG MONEY has been televised sports and the contracts to provide televised professional sports to the public….from then until now, televised sports is what drives the MONEY,,,,,example?…..just think about how it was BIG MONEY that caused the owners of professional sports to “turn an eye” to the players throughout the “steriod era” in all sports…..the belief that it was OK to juice was definitely an unspoken truth….I mean, where did they get that idea!?!…like with how many MLB players were seeminly obviously doing “roids”….cuz it made the boys stronger with quicker reflex….even eye to hand reflex…..for it was the guys on drugs that saved MLB from a “continually downward trend in interest” at the time….so, what actually caused the trend to change upward….and continuing to do so throughout the drug era of baseball….bringing to the forefront of the media….the Bash Brothers at Oakland (Mark Macquire and Jose Conseco), Sammy Sosa vs Mark Macguire HR race was BIG STUFF……and oh my God Dog….Barry Bonds Jr……who along with Ted Williams…..might just be the greatest “handlers of the bat….and handlers of the pitch” to ever play the game…..then there was ARod…who unquestionably was an all time great talent……but folks, it was the HR….the long ball…..that saved MLB as a result of the steriod era…..which caused the owners and management eyes to turn away.

So, I rest my case for now….cuz I have a whole bunch more thoughts about how sports has established an undesirable approach to almost all the games of sport played in the world today ….for it allows MONEY to dictate even decisions to make the players accountable for their actions….while never pointing not one lil finger at the real MONEY players….owners and management…..and even the media….but let’s burn the players….tested proven and those convicted in the public court of opinion…..Macguire, Consedo, Sosa, Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, ARod et al….and that is what history will do…..it will bury the players and never point a finger at the MONEY brokers.

Now, I feel like MONEY has changed everything from back in the day of these vintage NFL fims….and thay is why I am so excited about our website….is simply that imasportsphile.com will be a great reminder of the times when our athletes played for the love of their game…..an not because they got rich from their talents. The world in 2017 is truly different…..not better or worse so much….but more influenced by those that GOT MONEY to spend to influence those that don’t….and that is why it is so important to me to remind folks of era of sports from a different time and place…..so, enjoy these vintage pieces of video….they are true treasures.  

Philadelphia Eagle LB Chuck Bednarik was one heck of a football player….probably the last and best two-way player in NFL history…..as he was equally good as Guard on offense and Linebacker on defense…..for this is wonderful video of a very talented NFL football player. 


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