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NFL – Pregame 1985 MNF – Raiders VS Chargers – With Gifford & SImpson & Namath


ABC brought the NFL to prime time on television in 1970 with the introduction to Monday Night Football….which featured the famous commentator crew of Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell and Don Meredith….all who became national celebrities in their tenure on MNF until 1983….when Cosell retired (except for 3 years that Meredith did spend from 1974 – 1976 with Curt Goudy at CBS)….for these three were the most popular commentator crew of all time at MNF.

On 5 September 1983…..while announcing the Monday night game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys….Cosell stated in reference to Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett after his sixth reception of the evening….that Washington Coach Joe Gibbs, “wanted that kid, and that little monkey gets loose doesn’t he”…..which ended up being a comment that saw Howard the Great lose his job at ABC….as political correctness interred sports television broadcasting….cuz anyone who knew Howard Cosell well….knows he absolutely meant nothing detrimental or racist towards Garrett….as Cosell had a long history of championing the black man’s plight in sports.

After Cosell’s departure….MNF tried many different commentator teams in an attempt to replicate the huge popularity of Cosell, Gifford and Meredith…..and this group that are featured in this video herewith…..Frank Gifford, O J Simpson and Joe Namath…..was the most eclectic group that ABC ever assembled….and in this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion…..was a “hoot and a holler”….cuz you just never knew what would come out of O J’s or Joe Willie’s mouth…..as this MNF game between the Raiders and the Chargers was no exception.

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