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NFL – Special – 1978 – Inside The NFL – Eagles Vs Giants – Part 3


Part 3 of the 1978 Inside the NFL special focuses entirely on the match-up between the New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles…featuring the recent successes of Head Coach Dick Vermeil….as on this  day, the Eagles defense shut down the Giants offense in the first half….while QB Jaws Jaworski led the Eagles to a 1st half lead.

This game was put away late in the 4th quarter….when the Eagles intercepted a QB Joe Pasarcik pass and returning for a TD….setting the Eagles lead at 20 – 3….but what is most important to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile is that Bone Daddy attended US ARMY ROTC Officers Basic Training Course at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma….the home of the US Army Artillery School….a place where when living in a tent while going to bed at night….would be seranaded to the soothing sounds of artillery shells whistling over your heads….with explosions at the end of the whistle…every time….all night long for 8 weeks of basic training.\

Anyway, long story short….Bone Daddy attended this ROTC Officers Basic Training Course with Philadelphia Eagles LB Bill Bergey….who is featured in this film significantly…..and as Bone Daddy puts it…..”the cocky future high NFL draft choice at a fit 245 lbs. was taken down by a 168 lb. cowboy wrestler in a fight that set the pecking order in Bone Daddy’s Company C for the entire summer.

I can honestly say that I enjoy watch9ing these Inside the NFL” and “This Week in MLB” are very enjoyable for this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile to watch overr and over….cuz they sharpen my memory for sports and sporting events….I mean, after all….I am the 2nd Acredited Sportsphile….next to Bone Daddy….and you know what….I you like watching this video…you just might be a Sportsphile too.


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