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NFL – Special – 1985 All Madden Team – Defensive Backs _ Host John Madden & Pat Summerall


Any time you can get John Madden and Pat Summerall on camera while working together under whatever circumstances….it is probably going to be worth watching….and this video is certainly no exception….and Coach and Pat a moving down the highway in the “Madden Mobile” heading to their next gig as CBS lead Sunday NFL game telecast broadcasting crew….while Madden is covering his 1985 All Madden team.

In 1984, Madden took the advice of NFL coach John Robinson….a friend of Madden’s since elementary school….and created the “All-Madden” team….which was a group of players whom Madden thought represented football and played the game the way he thought it should be played.  Madden continued to pick the All-Madden team through the 2001 season when he left to move to ABC and Monday Night Football. Madden added his “Haul of Fame” for his favorite players….and he created a special 10th Anniversary All-Madden team in 1994….an All-Madden Super Bowl Team in 1997….and an All-Time All-Madden team in 2000.  All Madden was also the title of Madden’s third best-selling book….after Hey, Wait A Minute I Wrote a Book and One Knee Equals Two Feet.

Madden explained, “What does it mean to be ‘All-Madden’? It’s a whole range of things. For defensive linemen and linebackers….it’s about Jack Youngblood playing with a busted leg….or Lawrence Taylor wreaking havoc on the offense….and Reggie White making the other guy wish he put a little more in the collection plate at church….for it was about a guy who’s got a dirty uniform, mud on his face and grass in the ear hole of his helmet.”  ABC Sports stated, “the All-Madden Team has become synonymous with greatness.”  

Other NFL greats who have been on various All-Madden teams are Howie Long, Dan Hampton, Ronnie Lott, Richard Dent, Jackie Slater, Andre Tippett, Walter Payton, Mark Bavaro and Bruce Smith among many others….but this video features the 1985 defensive backs Washington Redskins Darrell Green and Mike Walton….along with legenardy Safety Ronnie Lott of the San Francisco 49’ers and Joey Browner of the Minnesota Vikings…..cuz this video simply reflects why these four guys are 1985 All Madden Defensive Backs….as each deserve their place in Imasportsphile history.

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