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NFL – Special – Big Game America – Jim Thorpe & Johnny Blood & George Halas & Red Grange


First of all, this video is narrated by Burt Lancaster….now that was a MAN….I mean, capital M A N….his looks and that voice…..from this lil ole Chiweenie’s perspective…I sure did like the man and his voice.

Big Game America is a wonderful video piece regarding the development of the sport of pro football…..as it takes the viewer from the advent of the game in the mining towns of Pennsylvania….where each town would have a club team that competed in leagues with club teams from other towns…..as this clip takes you from those mining town days in the 1915’s…..showing the development of the game…..all the way to the start of World War II…..as it provides footage of American history that we don’t see much of anymore.

I have always tried to provide evidence that supports my belief that sports is at the heart and very soul of America….for sport has always provided relief to Americans everywhere that relief is needed…..cuz sport provides a pressure release from the drudgery that most HUMANS lives consist of….as the universe of sport gives HUMANITY a place to “let off some steam”…..to get out the pent-up frustrations of life…..cuz we get to cheer and yell….and laugh…and scream….jump and hug….for this is the true beauty and byproduct of the experience of sports….as this video stuffed with lots of history of pro football provides you the viewer.


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