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NFL – Special – Coaches Crunch Course – A Game Of Hitting


Every now and then, I run across a video that is short in time length but long on subject matter….and this Coaches Crunch Course “A Game of Hitting”….is one of those….for the subject matter is at the core of the NFL game….which makes it so popular to the viewing public….for what fans really love about the pro game is the hitting….as it is kinda like NASCAR and Formula 1 racing….the fans like watching the race / game…..but they come for the crashes / hits…. and for this simple reason….you should watch this 2 1/2 minute video….cuz the NFL is a game of hitting….as the viewer gets to hear the thoughts of NFL coaches like Dolphins Don Shula, Steelers Chuck Noll, Patriots Raymond Berry, Packers Forrest Gregg and Bills Kay Stevenson.


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