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NFL – Special – Preview Of 1979 Season – Miracle At The Meadowlands & Chiefs Rookie DE Mike Bell


This CBS preview of the upcoming 1979 NFL season is hosted by Brent Musberger….some 40 years ago…and he is still sportscasting many live sporting events in 2017….as he starts out by reviewing the famous play that has become affectionately known as “The Miracle at the Meadowlands”….when the Giants blew a sure win on the last play of the game.  

As this video progresses…..it shifts to the story of rookie offensive tackle Mike Bell of the Kansas City Chiefs….and his rehabilitation process of a significant knee injury that left a 12 inch scar on his left leg….when his Coach Marv Levy describes what it took for him to get back to playing condition.

Then, the video shifts to an overview of what the New Orleans Saints did to prepare for the upcoming 1979 season. 

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