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NFL – Special – Super Memories Of Super Bowls I – XIII


This video is awesome because Harry Kalas of NFL Films fame gives the viewer a compilation of highlights from the first Super Bowl game played through the 13th Super Bowl game played….which makes it a treasure in its own right. In the chronology of all things Super Bowl….starting off with the Green Bay Packers 35 – 10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on January 15, 1967….then comes the Packers 33 – 14 victory over the Oakland Raiders in SBII …followed by the surprising 16 – 7 win by Joe Namath’s NY Jets over Johnny Unitas’ Baltimore Colts in SBIII….which leads into Coach Hank Stram’s Chiefs 23 – 7 thrashing of Coach Bud Grant’s Minnesota Vikings in SBIV…..as SBV unfolds one of the sloppiest games ever played for an NFL title in a 16 – 13 Baltimore Colts last second victory over the Dallas Cowboys….then comes the Cowboys 24 – 3 whipping of the Miami Dolphins in SBVI….as the Dolphins return in SBVII to defeat the Washington Redskins by a score of 24 – 7…..which leads to the 24 – 7 defeat of the Vikings in SBVIII by the Dolphins in thier back to back Super Bowl victories….as this was followed by the Steelers victory over the Minnesota Vikings 16 – 6 in SBIX….who also won back to back against the Cowboys in SBX…..then John Madden’s Oakland Raiders dominated the Vikings 32 – 14 in SBXI….which was followed by Dallas destroying the Denver Broncos 27 – 10 in SBXII…..and finishes up with the Steelers 35 – 31 defeat of the Dallas Cowboys in one of the best games ever played in SBXIII.

When you consider all of that…..then why wouldn’t you watch this video over and over….cuz this is great stuff, ya’ll. 

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