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NFL – Special – The War Zone – The Line Of Scrimmage


There is one place on the NFL gridiron where a war goes on with every play executed on the field….for it is truly the War Zone of football…..and that is the line of scrimmage…..cuz it doesn’t matter whether it is a running play or a pass play that is run….the minute the ball is snapped…..the War Zone becomes the most vicious place to be….and remains so until the referree blows his whistle to stop the play….and the fighting stops on the line of scrimmage.

This video provides living proof that the battles fought on the line of scrimmage by the offensive and defensive linemen is at the very heart of the battle…..and the intensity applied here is never more determined and the other battles on the football field.  Although the scrimmage line doesn’t get much attention by the television cameras….it is still the place where the most significant battles take place in any NFL game.

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