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NFL – Special – Toughest Runners – Chicago Bears Walter Payton – Sweetness


Would it not be awesome to have the nickname “Sweetness”?…..and be considered one of the toughest runners in NFL history….man, does that cover the spectrum of life, or what?…..I mean, in my humble Chiweenie opinion….Sweetness and Toughest…..just about says it all that is required to have a happy and healthy life…..for if those around you see you as Sweetness even when you can carry the mail in the toughest of conditions…..then it seems infinitely obvious to me….that if you are able to allow your sweeter parts of who you are in life…..and let them expand….and grow…..and flourish……while you are being the toughest person in the battle….wouldn’t you have life by the tail?  Couldn’t you handle anything that you have in your heart’s desire…..that your mind can conceive….along with all the pain and suffering….and change…..that life throws at you?

Walter Payton was a very special man who left a very special legacy…..for I encourage each of you who read my words…..to find out more about this man they called Sweetness…..and why he is considered in the conversations of who the toughest runner in NFL history (along with Earl Campbell and Jim Brown)


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