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NFL – Standing On The Corner – Redskins CB Darrell Greene


When it comes to pro football….it is my lil ole Chiweenie opinion that NFL Films has been the heart and soul of Bone Daddy’s NFL video library…..since I love to give credit where credit is due…I want to once again thank Ed and Steve Sabol….for this video is a wonderful example of how good their work was….as their films are the backbone of imasportsphile’s NFL video library.

This piece called “Standing On The Corner” is about an NFL cornerback…..a position on defense which is like quarterback on offense…..as a position unlike any other position on offense or defense.  First and foremost, it is a position that requires “world class speed”…..cuz you have to cover some of the fastest men on the planet…..when you play cornerback……but, something that Bone Daddy has taught me…..that there is more to sports and winners of sports…..than just athletic ability……and BD’s belief is that it is the space between the ears of the athlete……the mental preparation…..the psychology of “having a short memory”……for this is the part of the game that the truly great athletes excel….the mental side of it all.  In order to excel as a cornerback in the NFL….the athlete has to have a short memory…..cua he’s gonna get beat….and every great cornerback has that side of the mental game covered.




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