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NHL – 1984 – 36th All Star Game – Campbell Conference Vs Wales Conference


The 36th National Hockey League All-Star Game was held in Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford….which was home to the New Jersey Devils….on January 31, 1984…as the scoring and shots chart tell the whole story of the game….whereby the Wales Conference shot the lights out in the 1st period scoring 5 goals from 5 different players….Joe Cirella, Denis Potvin, Rick Middleton, Mats Naslund and Pierre Larouche….while the Campbell Conference appeared to be getting back into the game after scoring the first three goals of the 2nd period on shots by Savard, Rota and Ogronick….but the Wales capped off the 2nd with a 2nd goal by Pierre Larouche.  As the 3rd period got underway, Don Maloney scored the 7th goal for the Wales to take a commanding 7 – 3 lead….but the boys from the Campbell Conference did at least make a game of it being scoring 3 more goals on shots by Babych, Wayne Gretsky and Brian Bellows….but to no avail as the Wales won by a score of 7 – 6….as the shots on goal for the game looked like this……Campbell 13-15-10 (38) Wales 13-11-6 (30)

An interesting sidelight to this game was regarding the All-Star uniforms which had been introduced in 1983…..as they received an update for this game…..when the typeface for the diagonal “Wales” and “Campbell” conference names on the front of the jerseys changed from a plain block font to the style used by the New York Rangers….with trim stripes were added to the shoulder/sleeve panels and waistline with black on the white Wales jersey….and white on the orange Campbell jersey. This design would continue to be used through 1986. 

This game aired on USA Network in 1984….and featured host Al Trautwig with game announcers being Dan Kelly and Gary Green….and anyway, this is a game that is well worth the watch…..cuz there is some mighty fine talent on the ice throughout the game….so, ENJOY!!!

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