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NHL – 1986 – ESPNs Jim Kelly Showcases The NHL All Stars Visit To The Children Hospital


Videos like this one always warm this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s heart….and albeit that we chiweenies are small dogs…..we have big hearts…..which goes well with our big attitudes….for the truth be known, it takes a lot of attitude to go into a badger’s den and pull out the biggest baddest badger in the place by the throat….but that’s what my father, Hans, the dachshund (weenie dog) did for a living….and it takes a big heart by a little chihuahua like my mother, Felisia, to protect a little chiweenie puppy like me from a big bad doberman pinscher like Killer….who lived next door to us when I was just a puppy….cuz Felisia would not only stand up to Killer when he came in our yard….but she would also back him down all the way back to his place….and this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile inherited that big heart. 

Anyway, this video shows the heart of the NHL All Stars….as they visit the kids at the Children’s Hospital during the NHL All Star weekend….for the “twinkle” in the eyes of the children…..along with the smiles on their faces….tells the whole story of how much a visit from these heroes of hockey in Canada brings to the kids….is well worth the watching of this video.

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