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NHL – 1987 – Rendez Vous Game 2 – NHL All Stars Vs Soviet National Team – Period 1 + 2


The Super Series were exhibition games between Soviet hockey teams and NHL teams that took place on each NHL opponents’ home ice in North America from 1976 to 1991….as the Soviet teams were usually club teams from the Soviet hockey league….with exceptions in 1983 and 1987….when the Soviet National Team represented the Soviet Union…..and the NHL All Stars represented Canada….as Soviet teams won 14 series games….NHL teams won 2 series games….and 2 series were tied.

In 1987, two matches were held between the USSR and NHL All Stars in Quebec City, Canada in place of the annual NHL All Star Game…..which was known as the “Rendez Vous” series….as the NHL All Stars won game 1 on February 11th by a score of 4 – 3…. while the Soviet National Team won game 2 on February 13th by a score of 5 – 3…..as seen in this video herewith.  This NHL vs USSR competition pitted what was considered the best hockey teams and players in the world against each other during this 15 year series competition….which sorta gave significant evidence that the Soviets were the best in the world during the time of this competition.  If you are a fan of world class hockey, this video is MUST SEE TV.

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