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Olympics – 1972 Munich – Mens Swimming – USA Mark Spitz – Part 1


Bone Daddy gives credit where credit is due….saying that it is hard not to consider USA swimmer Mark Spitz the greatest swimmer to ever dive into a swimming pool….but he just can’t embrace the guy….cuz BD grew up in Midland, TX with a good friend, classmate and teammate of 1968 Mexico City Olympics Swimming Men’s 100m Butterfly gold medalist Doug Russell….and Doug’s main competition in this event at the Olympics….was a young buck…..who was like 17 years old….while Doug was 21….for swimming is a sport where 4 years difference in age is a lot. Anyway, Bone Daddy tells the story about his good buddy and multiple sports teammate who won Gold at Mexico City….and every times he tells the story….Mark Spitz was the competition….so, he just can’t like the guy…..even though BD acknowledges Spitz’s position in swimming history.

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