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Olympics – 1980 Lake Placid – 90m Ski Jumping & Review – 1980 Moscow Boycott By USA


This video is exceptional to me….cuz I really like Ski Jumping….and off the big hill at the Olympics….it doesn’t get any better than that.  However, the last segment of the video is what has had my attention for quite some time.  Heck, I wrote a story some 3 years back titled “The Worst Ticks Are Poli-ticks”….and this subject matter is the target of my attention.today.

First, let me set this up….for as Bone Daddy puts it not too long ago….President Jimmy Carter was the worst leader of this country that we have ever seen….that is until the current President….but this opinion of The Peanut President goes back to 1980….when the marquee sign that every car on 6th St in Austin, TX…suffice to say, there were a lot of cars that passed by and saw the sign that read….The Worst Ticks Are Politics – Let The Athletes Go….was displayed from the day the boycott was announced….and it never changed until the Moscow Olympics ended…..the rest of the story….you’ll just have to read when it gets published.  You should watch the video and tell me if you think Peanut’s Executive Decision was a good one…..but the truth is….it would not affect how I feel….cuz no leader of this country should rob the dreams of the people that the leader represents…..especially when they are America’s finest….and anyway, Carter’s reason for robbing American dreams was cuz the Russians went into Afghanistan….well, aren’t there American troops on the ground in Afghanistan today? or recently….which just proves that politics never change.

To end this commentary….I would think that in the opinion of all sports enthusiasts, fans, sportsphiles or whatever….that all of these HUMANS would like to see politics out of sports….but like keeping things simple in the HUMAN world….that just ain’t gonna happen…..cuz where there are politics, there is money.  Watch the video and draw your own conclusion…..for me, the ski jumping was great….and the boycott was tragedy.

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