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Olympics – 1980 Moscow Boycott – Rowing Team Member Anita DeFrantz


Anita DeFrantz (born in 1952) is an American Olympic Athlete (rowing)….member of the International Olympic Committee….and former Vice-President of FISA.  She was captain of the American rowing team at the 1976 Summer Olympics winning the bronze medal in women’s eight.In 1986, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) appointed DeFrantz to lifetime membership in the organization. She became the first female vice-president of the IOC executive committee in 1997.  On June 25th 2012….DeFrantz told AroundTheRings.com that she would like to return to the IOC Executive Committee after having served on it from 1997-2001.  She was elected back onto the IOC Executive Board on 10 September 2013. DeFrantz is also on the board of the Al Oerter Foundation (AOF) which runs the Art of the Olympians (AOTO) program which is an international organization of Olympian and Paralympian artists promoting the Olympic values and ideals through educational and cultural programs and exhibitions,

Folks, this lady is one of America’s finest….and no President….or leader of any country….should ever steal the dreams of their country’s best….not because it holds a person of DeFrants or Al Oerter caliber back….but because it  it kills dreams….and it sends the wrong message to those who dare to dream.

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