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Olympics – 1980 Moscow – Special – Road To Moscow – USA Pentathlete Jane Fredericks


Jane Wardell Frederick (born April 7, 1952) is a former heptathlete from the United States….who set the first official world record in the women’s heptathlon….by gaining a total number of 6104 points on April 24, 1981 at the Mt. SAC Relays in Walnut, California.  Frederick had been one of the many 1980 USS Olympic Team athletes….who were denied fulfilling a lifetime dream of participating in the Olympics….when then US President Jimmy Carter made an Executive Decision to boycott the 1980 Moscow Games.  In my lil ole Chiweenie opinion…..President Carter crossed the line of letting politics dictate how Olympic competition would unfold for generations to come….for as America used its influence to keep many countries and their Olympians from the Western Bloc from attending the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980….so did the USSR do in boycotting the 1984 Los Angeles Games….keeping thousands of Eastern Bloc countries athletes from fulfilling their dreams…..as the worst ticks (blood suckers) are politics.    


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