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Olympics – 1984 – ESPN Sportscenter – Sarajevo Winter Games Olympic Edition – With David Sullivan


This ESPN SportsCenter Olympic Edition coverage of the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games is hosted by David Sullivan….as he man’s the sports desk for ESPN during their coverage of the first week of these Games of Sarajevo…..which leads off with a report from Ed Pickett regarding the men’s alpine skiing downhill event featuring USA’s Bill Johnson….which is followed by a report and highlights from the 70m ski jump competition in the nordic combined event.  Next comes coverage of the men’s hockey competition showcasing the game between the USA vs Norway….after which comes an interview with ESPN’s George Grand interview with sports columnist Peter Graves as they discuss the controversy surrounding Nordic Combined 70m ski jump competition when USA Pat Ahern had his 2nd jump which put him in 2nd place was disallowed.

The 20km cross country race, men’s 2-man bobsled, men’s and women’s luge competition are all covered next…..which is followed by an interesting report on USA Jeff Hastings….America’s 70m ski jump hopeful….as Hastings is interviewed by Peter Graves…..and then comes an interesting and introspective view of USA Kitty and Peter Carruthers….who were America’s best chance in the pairs figure skating….as they stood in 2nd place going into this day of competition. 

Simply put, this ESPN SportsCenter Olympic Edition is nothing less than “pure history” in our ImaSportsphile video library…..and we are happy to share it…..so, all we can say is ENJOY!!!     

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