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Olympics – 1984 L A Games – Boxing – Flywts & Lt Flywts & Super Flywts – Diving Men’s 3m


ABC’s afternoon telecast of Day 10 of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games featured three (3) boxing matches….which were all called by legendary boxing commentator Howar Cosell…..with the 1st televised match being a flyweight bout between USA Steve McCrory vs. MAW Peter Ayesu….as McCrory would win this match by unanimous decision on his way to winning the gold medal in the flyweight division….when this match was followed later in the telecast by a light flyweight fight between ITA Salvatore Todisco vs. PUR Rafeal Ramos….which turned out to be a very good and very close split-decision victory for the Italian…..as Cosell wraps up the day in boxing with s super flyweight bout between USA Paul Gonzales vs. GBR John Lyon….which also was a very good fight, as Gonzales would win a close decision against his British foe on his way to winning the gold medal in the super flyweight devision.  

As we have often pointed out here at Ima Sportsphile….when it comes to Olympic games and profiles of Olympic athletes… no body does better television coverage or personal profiles of athletes than ABC Sports….as this video so aptly proves out….as ABC studio hosts Jim McKay and Kathleen Sullivan do in a video piece about “the real value of an Olympic gold, silver and bronze medal”….which in and of itself makes this video well worth the watch.  

The ABC telecasts then shifts to the Olympic Swim and Dive center as Cynthia Potter and Jack Whitaker cover the mens 3m springboard diving competition’s preliminary rounds featuring USA Greg Louganis, GBR Christopher Snode, CHN Li Hongping, ITA Piero Italiani and USA Ron Merriott….for any time a diving fan gets to see probably the greatest diver of all time in USA Greg Louganis….as he has multifple dives in this telecast herewith….which makes this video MUST SEE TV for any and all Olympic swimming and diving fans.  

Jim Lampley of ABC Sports then presents a wonderful video piece on how the 1980 USA Olympic Team  was devastated by President Jimmie Carter’s decision to boycott the Moscow Olympics….a decision that we at Ima Sportsphile consider the gravest decision ever made by a US President….as this piece shows how the USA Olympic Team rebounded after the ill-advised decision “by a peanut farming President”.   

All in all, Day 10 at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics proved to be a day of outstanding efforts and events….as evidenced by ABC’s telecast herewith…..which makes this a video well worth watching by any and all Olympics fans. 

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