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Olympics – 1984 L A Games – Boxing & Womens Swimming 200m Backstroke – Track 100m Heats – Rowing 8s


This video of Day 6 at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics by ABC Sports brings the viewer coverage of the Boxing with lightweights Yong-Mo Heo (South Korea) vs. Efren Tabanas of the Phillipines….along with super heavyweights Mohammad Yousef (Pakistan) vs Lennox Lewis (Canada), who would go on to win gold and later establish himself as a professional boxing heavyweight legend after holding the world heavyweight title on three different occasions….plus coverage of the women’s swimming 200m backstroke heats with USA Tori Trees and Amy White ….followed by the women’s track 100m heats with USA Evelyn Ashford, Alice Brown and Jeanette Bolden….while finishing off this days telecast with the USA women’s rowing eights winning the gold medal.

This video also includes an awesome interview by ABC Frank Gifford of Bullet Bob Hayes….whom this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile considers to be the fastest man ever….along with ABC Kathleen Sullivan interview with George McGovern regarding the USSR boycotting the L A Games.  

There are also two wonderful video clips with one of Ray Gandolf covering “the one and only”” Hollywood, the home of movies….and then a well-deserved piece narrated by Frank Gifford about the “Columbus Comet” Jesse Owens….and his incredible Olympic achievements at the 1938 Berlin Games.

Also found in this video is a KVUE Channel 24 News Break with Austin local newscaster legend Ron Oliveira covering top stories like an oil spill on the Texas Gulf Coast….Austin property taxes….an Austin school board walk out….a health watch on blood donating and aids….the Austin Aqua Festival….and weather with Troy Kimmel and sports with Danny Elsner….both Austin, Texas legends when they were very young.

As always, the ABC coverage of the 1984 L A Games was exceptional with Jim McKay as host….Al Michaels on track and field….Diana Nyad on swimming…. Howard Cosell on boxing…..and Keith Jackson on rowing….when added to the awesome athletes covered in this telecast….simply makes this video well worth watching.

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