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Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Interviews 1932 USA Gold Medalists Helen Jones-Carroll + Rowland Wolfe


    1. Brent, it is always very inspiring for those of us at ImaSportsphile who have the responsibility of posting our remarkable 12,000 vintage video library on our site (4400 currently posted, with more coming every day)….cuz when person who participated in one of the events we showcase responds…or a family member of one of our participants comments….it simply inspires us to continue on with our “labor of love” journey to get the entire library posted. So, in answer to your question of where we found this video?….our entire library was recorded from 1978 to 1991 at the sports bar Madison Square Garden at 302 E. 6th St. in Austin, Texas…which was recorded on Sony Betamax. Each a every video was recorded off television networks during this time….as the library sat in dry storage for 22 years….and in 2013 we began to transfer the entire Betamax cassette library to digital….so that we could begin posting on our site….which we started in 2016.

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