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Olympics – 1984 L A Games – Mens Boxing & Wrestling & Baseball – Womens Volleyball & Basketball


Day 11 of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was jammed packed with major events going on all over the venues of the L A Games….but ABC Sports with host anchor Jim McKay do another spectacular job of bringing all the events of significance….albeit often not in entirety….but still providing enough highlights to give a good serving of what transpired at each venue for the day’s telecast.  

McKay starts off the broadcast at the Boxing venue with the call of Howard Cosell of the Lightweight divisions’ quarterfinals match between USA Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker vs West Germany Reiner Gies from the night before….then Jim McKay provides more evidence of his awesome elegance and eloquence in covering a sensitive subject in an interview and personal profile of the twins Pam and Paula Magee…. whose career as outstanding college basketball players as USC Trojans….who were members of two National Championship teams….plus best friends and inseparable companions….as Pam made the USA Olympic Womens Basketball Team….but Paula did not.  McKay once again shows what an incredible way he had when interviewing great athletes who had to endure great challenges….as this part of this video is well worth the price of the ticket to view.  

The telecast then shifts to legendary sportscaster Curt Gowdy…. who didn’t not work for ABC very often in his incredible career….but did cover wrestling at the Los Angeles Games for them….as he brings highlights of the 3rd round of the men’s freestyle wrestling 90 kg competition as USA Ed Banach takes on CAN Clark Davis….as the younger of the USA Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Banach brothers….as both Ed and brother Lou would win gold in each of their weight classifications at these L A Games…..which is followed by another sportscasting legend, Keith Jackson, and Coach Digger Phelps provide highlights of the womens basketball gold medal game against Korea….as the viewer gets to watch USC teammates Cheryl Miller and Pam Magee hoist Coach Pat Summit on their shoulders after the USA takes the gold medal.

This video then passes Bob Beattie and Kirk Kilgour who cover the womens volleyball gold medal game between the USA vs China….which provides the entire 3 set match that China eventually wins to take the gold medal….as the USA garners silver…..as this event is followed by Jim Palmer and Don Chevrier bringing the last 3 innings of the gold medal game between the USA vs Japan…..as the Japaneese take the Americans by a score of 6 – 3….when this video finishes the day’s telecast Jim Lampley bringing highlights of the mens water polo match between the USA vs Australia in the Final Round of Group D in the competition….where the USA took the Aussies by a score of 12 – 7.    

All in all….Day 11 of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was chocked-full of outstanding competition in each of the sports and events as seen in this video…..which is well worth the watch for any and all Olympic fans.


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