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Olympics – 1984 – L A Games Special – Kathleen Sullivan Explores The $$$ Value Of Medals Won


How much gold is in an Olympic gold medal?….as several of our visitors to our ImaSportsphile video museum have asked….well, we didn’t know the answer until this video herewith game up for posting. So, now we can truthfully answer that the gold medals awarded at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games had 6.5% gold in the medal….which was worth $200 USD at that time…..but we feel it is a pretty sure bet that ALL gold medals won in L A in 1984, were worth a lot more than $200 to each of the winners….cuz the value of winning Olympic gold far exceeds ANY intrinsic value.

NOTE: We offer our sincere apology for the quality of sound in this video herewith…..and although we were not even a gleam in our daddy’s eye when this incredible vintage video library was recorded….we do recognize the videos shortcoming in sound….but we feel it is still worthy of being posted on our site….cuz it is discernible. 

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