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Olympics – 1984 L A Games – Womens Track Marathon – USA Joan Benoit & Nor Grete Waitz – 1st 5 Miles


The Women’s Marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California was held on August 5, 1984….as It was the first time a women’s marathon had been held at the Olympic Games. The 50 competitors came from 28 countries….as 44 finished the race. The world record holder Joan Benoit of the United States won the gold medal….with the silver medal going to the 1983 World champion Grete Waitz of Norway….and bronze to Rosa Mota of Portugal.    

Strategically, the race was notable for Benoit making a bold move in only the third mile of the race despite the August heat….as the rest of the field did not try to keep pace with her….and Benoit maintained her lead all the way to finish….and defeating Waitz by more than a minute.   

The race was also notable for Gabriela Andersen-Schiess from Switzerland….who entered the stadium for the final lap in a state of almost total exhaustion….barely able to walk….but eventually completing the race and collapsing at the finishing line….where she was immediately treated by medical personnel….as she finished 37th.    

This race was also of significant import to Bone Daddy and his two Olympic travelling partners….Sky Pilot and Prince of Pleasure….for this was the event that motivated these three Olympic sojourners to embark on a mission of the highest calling for sports fans….cuz after seeing USA Joan Benoit come into the L A Coliseum on her way to her final lap around the track before becoming the 1st Olympic Womens Marathon gold medal winner….and the inspiring final lap of Gabriela Andersen-Schiess (SWI) heroic perseverance as the 90,000 fans at The Coliseum that day encouraged, supported, induced and inspired her to finish the race….which dictated and demanded that these Tres Amigos de Tejas accept the mission to see a live sporting event in every competition in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….which they accomplished on the final day of Olympic competition.  

As a result of the womens marathon at the L A Games….Bone Daddy, Sky Pilot and Prince of Pleasure…. established an Olympic fan record that can only be tied….never broken.


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