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Olympics – 1984 L A – Track Men’s 100m – Equestrian 3-Day Event – Swimming Mens 200m Ind Medley


In this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion….when it comes to Olympic broadcast coverage on television….the gold standard was set by ABC Sports….and the best job ever done by ABC Sports at the Olympics was at the 1984 Los Angeles Games.  

I means, just consider the broadcast crew on this featured Olympic video below….the host of this day’s coverage is Jim McKay….simply the guy who wrote the book on “the wide world of sports”….of whom I have written stories about Jim McKay elegance and eloquence in describing the world of sport (to be published in my L E’s Stories section of our site).  McKay sends the coverage over to O J Simpson and Al Michaels with their coverage of track’s mens 100m dash….featuring USA’s Ron Brown, Sam Graddy and Carl Lewis. Can you say O J Simpson covering Carl Lewis….for that is “top shelf stuff” where I come from….talk about a valuable piece of vintage sports footage. When O J and Al wrap up the 100m semi final heats….they pass it to none other that broadcast legend Chris Schenkel’s coverage of the finals of the Equestrian 3-Day Event competition….and after the medal presentation with New Zealand’s Mark Todd on Charisma taking the gold medal….with USA Karen Stives winning silver…..and GB Virginia Holgate-Lang taking bronze. The broadcast baton for this day’s Olympic coverage is then passed to future broadcast legend Jim Lampley along with swimming legend Mark Spitz….who are covering swimming and the men’s 200m individual medley competition finals….featuring USA Steve Lundquist, one of America’s all time greats.  So, when you consider all of that broadcast talent was this day’s coverage at the 1984 Summer Games….then WOW is in order.

The 1984 Los Angeles Games has a very special chamber of my heart and soul that is dedicated to these games….for Bone Daddy set a fan record that can never be broken….only tied….as he and two of his traveling companions saw a live event in every sport competed at the 1984 Summer Olympics….as they saw 26 different live events….and believe me….I have 100 stories to write and publish in our L E’s Stories section….and I am pretty sure you will enjoy them as much as I have over the past 33 years.

To any and all Olympics fans and Sportsphile wannabees….every vintage video in our Olympics section is MUST SEE TV……and this one is no exception.      

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