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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – 90kg Wrestling – USA Ed Banach VS AUT Edwin Lins & History of California


I love this particular video….cuz I get to hear one of my all time favorite sportscaster…. Curt Gowdy….for he was truly one of the best at bringing whatever the sport might be that he was covering….still today, I could be totally fine with only being able to listen to Gowdy….not seeing a thing….and be totally into the game.  My guess is that the 1984 Olympics might have been the only time that he ever covered international freestyle wrestling…..but listen to his commentary….concise and insightful….spot on sports commentator….as this sportscaster is surely a legend…..and I know….cuz I got a video titled….Legends: Curt Gowdy with Host Paul Hornung….it is in the library for viewing right now.

Ed Banach was an awesome wrestler….winning 3 national championships in his college career….as he and his brother Lou both shined in Los Angeles….but the USA wrestling team were upset at the Russians boycotting the L A Games….but any Sportsphile would know that if we boycotted the 1980 Moscow….they were going to boycott our games…..so, the Banach boys did not get to go up against the Eastern Bloc countries….cuz wrestling is big in that enormous part of the world.  The wrestling Banachs made history during the three brothers….Lou, Stefan and Ed….at the University of Iowa from 1980 to 1983….before Ed and Lou won gold in Los Angeles. 

Best of all….toward the end of this video….ABC does a really great piece on how California was inhabited…..by whom and when…..and like Texas…..the Mexicans are our family….we grew up together…..they are brothers and sisters…..and brothers of other mothers.  I hope that America will always remember that from the whole Southern border of the United States of America that runs from the southern tip of Texas to the California coastline…..was originally inhabited by our neighbors in Mexico


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