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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – ABC Profile – Beverly Hills, CA


In Bone Daddy’s opinion after having gone to some 26 Olympic venues all over “in and around” Los Angeles…..over the “intense and incredible” 12 days that he and his two travelling companions….Sky Pilot and Prince of Pleasure….spent at the 1984 Olympics…..as I have heard him say on many occasions….there are some really cool places and parts of Los Angeles…..El Dorado Park in East L A…. The Pantry on Figeroa in downtown….Pauley Pavilion in Westwood….in and around the USC campus….the L A Coliseum and Memorial Sports Arena area…..Chavez Ravine and Dodger Stadium….the Eagle’s Nest Arena at Cal St University…..the Magic Castle in Hollywood….and much much more….but to Bone Daddy….the two really unique parts of the City of Los Angeles….were along Rodeo Dr. in Hollywood….cuz of the view of affluence and the life style of the rich and famous…as BD actually walked beside Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) talking boxing on his way to eat with those with significant “where with all”…..and the 2nd part of L A that made a lasting impression on my Bone Daddy…..was the view of the expressed opulence through the homes of the stars and super rich in Beverly Hills….as this video so aptly provides.


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