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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – ABC Profile – USA Diver Greg Louganis


There are pieces of video….and there are pieces of video….and this is one of those….and I want to thank ABC Sports for this piece of video.  When I asked Bone Daddy who his favorite athletes were at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….limiting him to the ones he saw live during the competition…and surprising to me….Diver Greg Louganis was on the list…..as BD recalls him being a Baryshnikov amongst a group of “ballet masterrs”.  As Bone Daddy recalls the day of the men’s springboard diving competition …..there was Baryshnikov and the closest competition of the day was between the Chinese diver Li Hongping and USA Ron Merriott…..relating a story about on Dive 6 or 7…..when Hongping did a beautiful front 3 1/2 pike…..followed by Louganis doing the same dive….and as usual….ABC’s Jim McKay says it so perfect saying “Hongping looks like he’s going 60 mph….while Louganis looks like he’s taking a stroll in the park”….can you say Baryshnikov!?!

This video provides so much more…..for in ABC’s Profile of Louganis…..which follows the 3 1/2 pike dive….is worth watching and listening to….for the young man that was Greg Louganis…..was very old in wisdom…..for he covered lots of ground in a short period of time in this video.  It is truly worth listening to over and over …..and then it is about learning.


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