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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – ABC Profile – What Is Gold & Diving Springboard Prelims 10th Dive


This video has a bit of an audio difficulty…..as it sounds like ABC is broadcasting under water….but the content is really great…..as the 1st part of the video is a special ABC Profile presented by Kathleen Sullivan on the subject of “What is Gold”…..which covers the subject of what a gold medal was really worth in 1984….as the viewer finds out that there really isn’t that much gold in a gold medal….but the silver and bronze medals are different.

The video then goes to Jim McKay covering the Men’s 3 meter Springboard Diving preliminaries 10th dive….and USA Greg Louganis does one of his best dives of the entire Olympic competition….and is certainly worth watching…..for he was truly a man amongst boys at the 1984 Los Angeles Games.


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