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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Basketball – Mens Finals – USA VS Spain – 1st Half Pt 1


In my humble opinion….and yes, I am a dog…..but a chiweenie sportsphile….which means that I just might know more about sports than you do!?!….but I really do think that this 1984 USA men’s basketball team was the best all amateur team of all time….cuz I challenge you to put up a starting five that is at least as good as this team.  On my team…..at point guard Steve Alford….for this was the youngest player on the team….but he was Coach Bobby Knight’s “floor general”….who followed every order from The General….who was a great player both on defense and offense. At shooting guard we have Michael Jordan….OH MY GOD DOG….if I were a coach and got to coach Michael Jordan….I would be put in the great coach category just cuz I had M J on my team….I mean, we wouldn’t just win a bunch of games….I would be a coach who had championships in my pocket….and all cuz I got Michael Jordan.  Guess what?….Knight and Jordan didn’t see quite as “eye-to-eye” on how to get the best out of his team…..but, we’re talking M J here….and at this point in his basketball career….he was about to embark on an NBA career that will be written about in the annals of sports commentary and views as long as folks like me write about sports….cuz M J was ready to take over whichever NBA team drafted him.  Add to your guards a center for the ages..Patrick Ewing….a man among boys at the college level…powerful with speed and leaping ability at 7 foot tall….who was about to begin his 19 year Hall of Fame NBA career….and you add in back-up center Jon Koncak….a very good 7 foot player who would have an 11 year NBA career…..and you follow Alford, M J and Ewing with NBA 1st round 4th pick overall in forward Sam Perkins….who was about to embark on an outstanding 17 year career in the NBA….now, you throw in at the power forward position….the “brilliantly talented left-handed sweetness” of power forward Waymon Tisdale….the best player the Big 8 will ever seen…..who had an equally outstanding 12 year NBA career.  Now, for the cherry on top to this starting five of Steve Alford, Michael Jordan, C Patrick Ewing, F Wayman Tisdale and F Sam Perkins….and like every great Olympic team needs….someone to come off the bench and put points on the board….so, can you say Chris Mullin….the sharp shooter from the East….who ended up on the NBA All Time To 50 Players List after an illustrious 16 year NBA career. `

So, here they are…..Alford, Jordan, Ewing, Perkins, Tisdale and Mullins……match um…..or forever hold your peace.

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